Buying Bulk Beef

Beef is sold differently by the side than by the piece in the grocery store. All fees, both farmer to processor and buyer to farmer, are based on hanging weight, which is approximate until established at the processing location. Recent steers processed had total hanging weights between 620 and 775 pounds.

The cost to you is $4.50 per pound hanging weight for a side, $4.75 per pound for a quarter, and $5.00 per pound for an eighth.

From hanging weight there will be a loss of 35-40% for actual weight of finished meat, because of shrinkage during hanging, and the amount of de-boning and fat trimming which is done.

All meat is vacuum-wrapped and frozen. Steaks are cut 1 or 1.5 inches thick, packaged one per package. Roasts are approximately 3- 5 pounds. Ground beef is lean. It is double ground after being trimmed carefully to remove most fat and packaged in one- or ten-pound packages.


Freezers should be defrosted and cold for several days before the meat arrives.

The empty freezer compartment of an average-sized home refrigerator will usually hold one-eighth. Larger quantities will require a stand-alone freezer or another refrigerator-freezer. Chest freezers are a good choice as they can typically store meat at a colder temperature, more efficiently; the cold stays in when the door is opened.

Now is the time to get your freezer and get ready for your beef!