Our Beef

Our steers are born and raised on the farm. They roam over many wide open acres and eat grass! The processing plant we use is federally inspected. Meat is carefully shrink-wrapped in individual cuts, each bearing the identity of the farm and the individual animal. While supplies last, we have meat in our Currituck freezer for sale by the piece at retail prices.

Special Cuts are Available

Our animals are lean to begin with because of their grass diet and slower growth. Purchasers of a whole side may make special cutting plans. Our standard plan is to make chuck, arm, and bottom round roasts into stew meat or ground beef. Rib, sirloin, and top round roasts can be cut into steaks if that is your preference. Brisket makes fantastic barbecue. Whole beef and half beef weights and prices are based on Hanging Weight (see Buying Bulk Beef).