Currituck Farm

We have been raising beef in our pasture in Albemarle County, Virginia, since 1982. Hereford cows and Angus bulls provide naturally heavy muscled, fast growing, gentle calves. We sell calves to other farms and finish sides of beef for direct sale. Careful, stress-free management and no poisons make healthy farm animals (and farmers’ families too).

Local food is in the news for many reasons. Buying from someone you know and trust helps you be confident about the quality of your food. Meat and produce from close to home has a lower carbon footprint and is fresher than that imported from another state or country. Supporting local agriculture benefits your community. Prosperous farmers can stay in business, providing economic, scenic and environmental benefits for their neighbors. Many Virginia farms are diverse, with some produce or fruit, some meats, and forests retained along the streams for water protection.

To reserve your beef by the side, quarter, or eighth, please contact us at Farm visits are welcome by appointment.